Achievement of Pupils:
Quality of Teaching:
Behaviour and Safety of Pupils:
Leadership and Management:
"Pupils have very positive attitudes to school and they enjoy their lessons. They are keen to learn and try their best. They take pride in their work. This is clear from the neat presentation in their books and on displays round the school."
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Our Staff
Emma Hodgkinson
Acting Principal
Sarah Evans
Vice Principal - Curriculum Lead (Maternity Leave)
Nikki Mead
Finance and Business Manager (Leadership Team)
Claire Pearce
Teacher & English Leader (Acting Key Stage 2 Phase Leader - Leadership Team)
Laura McCann
Teacher & Science Leader (Acting Key Stage 1 Phase Leader- Leadership Team)
Nicola Rainford
Catherine Shakallis
Jemma Benstead
Teacher & Maths Leader
Laura Ayling
Teacher & Early Years Leader (Maternity Leave)
Sam Smith
Luke Keeble
Reece Evans
Katie Thomas
Ellie Branford
Stacy Hilton
Teacher (Maternity Cover)
Susan Ash
Assistant Teacher
Debbie Grenville
Teaching Assistant & Healthy Schools Co-ordinator
Caren Warren
Teaching Assistant
Pippa Wyndham-Pearce
Teaching Assistant
Kerry Valks
Teaching Assistant
Lisa Brown
Teaching Assistant
Halina George
Teaching Assistant
Clare Bott
Teaching Assistant
Phoebe Ski
PE Teacher
Tina Martin
Learning Support Assistant
Mary Brown
Learning Support Assistant
Emma Davis
Learning Support Assistant
Sharon Horslen
Learning Support Assistant
Kate Limmer
Learning Support Assistant
Dee Thomas
Learning Support Assistant
Angela Johnson
Admin Assistant
Nicola Chalklen
Admin Assistant
Karen Jordan
MDA Supervisor & Extended Schools Co-ordinator
Kelly McLean
Extended Schools Co-ordinator
Samantha Cox
Extended Schools Assistant
Sandra Doherty
Midday Assistant
Chloe Cress
MDA & Extended Schools Assistant
Val Dow
Midday Assistant
Leah Harbour
Midday Assistant
Angela Couzens
Midday Assistant
Alyssa Gypps
Midday Assistant
Simon Bright
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Governors work together to provide an independent oversight of the management and operation of the Academy, with the aim of improving the quality of the education provided, raising standards and making decisions in the best interests of the Academy’s pupils, staff and wider community.


The Governing Body does not run the Academy or become involved with daily management; this is the job of the Principal and the leadership team. Governors help shape the aims and aspirations of the Academy, bringing a range of perspectives to all issues.


There are a number of key aspects to the work of the Governing Body. They set policies, establish the Academy development plan, ensure that public funds are spent appropriately and effectively, ensure statutory duties are complied with and provide rigorous accountability.


All Governors are volunteers who meet as a Full Governing Body at least three times a year. 


The Governing Body of The Flitch Green Academy is comprised of:

Parent Governors:

Shawn Collom

Emma Goodings

Jon Shakallis

James Pikett


Community Governors:

Richard Barrett (Chair)

Rachel Earle

Laurence Miles

Jackie Pick

Katie Bailey

Chris Criscione

Linda Buchanan

Staff Governors:

Karen Jordan
Catherine Shakallis

The Acting Principal of the Academy:

Emma Hodgkinson

Governors also form four sub-committees that meet once a term:

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee:

Laurence Miles (Chair)

Jon Shakallis (Vice Chair)

Shawn Collom

James Pikett

Richard Barrett

Emma Goodings

Chris Criscione

Emma Hodgkinson

Leadership & People Committee:

Shawn Collom (Chair)

Rachel Earle (Vice Chair)

Katie Bailey

Richard Barrett

Jackie Pick

Emma Hodgkinson

Curriculum Committee:

Katie Bailey (Chair)

Jackie Pick (Vice Chair)

Rachel Earle

Linda Buchanan

Catherine Shakallis

Emma Hodgkinson

Our governors can be contacted by emailing: admin@flitchgreen.net for the attention of the Clerk.

Key Documents for Governors:

2019 Financial Statements

Governance Structure - July 2020,

including Declaration of Interests & meeting attendance

Funding Agreement for The Flitch Green Academy

Articles of Association for The Flitch Green Academy



There are no vacancies at present.


Please contact the pre-school direct on 01371 823293 for more details or visit their website at  www.flitchgreenpreschool.co.uk 

The Flitch Green Montessori Pre-School is a privately run pre-school. Please note that it is not a feeder pre-school for the Flitch Green Academy and attendance at the pre-school will not guarantee your child a place at the academy.



To apply for a place for your child at the Academy please contact Essex County Council on:
0845 603 2200


School Admissions & Transport, PO Box 4261, Chelmsford, CM1 1GS
Essex County Council Admissions Webpage
Are you within our priority catchment area?
If you are unsure, please click here and input your address.
Admissions Criteria:

1: Looked After Children and previously looked after children (as defined on page 12 of the Primary Education in Essex 2014/2015 booklet).

2: Children living in the priority admissions area with a sibling attending the academy

3: Other children living in the priority admissions area

4: Children living outside the priority admissions area with a sibling attending the school

5: Remaining applications


In the event of oversubscription within any of the above criteria, priority will be determined by straight line distance from home to school, those living closest being given the highest priority. Straight line distances are calculated by the LA as described on page 11 of the Primary Education in Essex 2014/2015 booklet.


Exceptional medical circumstances (supported by medical evidence) may override the above (other than criterion 1) if, in the view of the Governing Body, The Flitch Green Academy is the only local school that can meet the child’s needs.



Please see the timetable below for details on the academy’s appeals process.


01371 822330          |          admin@flitchgreen.net          |          The Flitch Green Academy, Tanton Road, Flitch Green, Dunmow, CM6 3GG

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