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Achievement of Pupils:
Quality of Teaching:
Behaviour and Safety of Pupils:
Leadership and Management:
"Pupils have very positive attitudes to school and they enjoy their lessons. They are keen to learn and try their best. They take pride in their work. This is clear from the neat presentation in their books and on displays round the school."
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Ethos and Vision

Ethos and Vision



Our ethos is to 'provide creative learning experiences, which will inspire and challenge our children to maximise their academic potential' ensuring 'children leave us as honest, kind and respectful young people, equipped with the skills to continue their journey as lifelong learners'.  


At the end of their time at The Flitch Green Academy, our vision is for all children to have:

- Developed a strong work ethic both for their own benefit and the benefit of others.
- Developed practical and social skills that support the transition to secondary school.
- Developed, through the teaching or our ethos, self-respect and respect for others, whatever their ability, race, religion or culture. 
- Gained the skills to work independently, either on their own or as part of a group, and take responsibility for both themselves and others. 

To achieve this The Flitch Green Academy will:

- Ensure equal opportunities for all and promote the British Values.
- Work in partnership with parents/carers, the local community and partner schools. 
- Provide a safe and secure environment where children will feel safe, happy and supported both pastorally and academically.
- Plan and deliver a relevant curriculum which is inclusive, challenging and creative. 



To assist with our vision we work with Mr Trogan, who is our ambassador for Key Life Skills. He helps us promote the following values:

COOL COLLABORATOR: Team work, sharing, respect and communication

CONFIDENT CHARACTER: Confidence, self esteem and Pride.

CRITICAL THINKER: Self reflection, problem solving and empathy.

CREATIVE NAVIGATOR: Growth mindset and trying new things.

CHALLENGE CONQUEROR: Resilience, perseverance and independance.

CRACKING CITIZEN: Kindness, politeness, honesty and responsibilty. 

Our Staff

Our Staff


Please click 'here' for our latest vacancies.



Governors work together to provide an independent oversight of the management and operation of the Academy, with the aim of improving the quality of the education provided, raising standards and making decisions in the best interests of the Academy’s pupils, staff and wider community.


The Governing Body does not run the Academy or become involved with daily management; this is the job of the Principal and the leadership team. Governors help shape the aims and aspirations of the Academy, bringing a range of perspectives to all issues.


There are a number of key aspects to the work of the Governing Body. They set policies, establish the Academy development plan, ensure that public funds are spent appropriately and effectively, ensure statutory duties are complied with and provide rigorous accountability.


All Governors are volunteers who meet as a Full Governing Body at least four times a year. 


The Governing Body of The Flitch Green Academy is comprised of:

Chair of Governors: Carly Bucknell     

Vice Chair of Governors: Jon Shakallis 

Parent Governors:

Sarah Rider

Jenny Scarpenter

Amy Hawes

Alan Ellwood

Jonathan Nunn


Community Governors:

Katie Brown

Carly Bucknell

Jon Shakallis

Katie Bailey

Tania Williams

Laura Lilley

Staff Governors:

Karen Jordan
Claire Farley

The Principal of the Academy:

Alex Burden

Governors also form two sub-committees that meet once a term:

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee:

Jon Shakallis (Chair)

Carly Bucknell

Katie Brown

Alex Burden

Tania Williams

Jon Nunn

Alan Ellwood

Curriculum & Pupils Committee:

Jenny Scarpenter (Chair)

Claire Farley

Sarah Rider

Katie Bailey

Karen Jordan

Amy Hawes

Alex Burden

Our governors can be contacted by emailing:

Governor Newsletters:

All about us

January 2024

Key Documents:

2023 Financial Statements

2022 Financial Statements

Scheme of Delegation 2023

Governance Structure - January 2024

including Declaration of Interests & meeting attendance

Funding Agreement for The Flitch Green Academy

Articles of Association for The Flitch Green Academy

Flitch Green Academy
Flitch Green Academy
Flitch Green
Flitch Green Academy
Essex School


If you are considering choosing the Academy as the start of your child's educational journey or are moving to Flitch Green then please contact the school for a tour, we would love to show you around!
Our pupil admission number (PAN) is 45 pupils per year group. This means we have mixed year groups throughout the school, except for Reception.
Please e-mail Claire North on or call Claire on 01371 822330 who will be able to answer any admission questions you may have and to book a tour date. 



Parents of children born during the period 1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020 will be able to apply from 6th November 2023 to start school in September 2024.  The closing date for applications is 15th January 2024.  Information can be found on the following website link - Applications

Admissions Policy for Entry September 2024

Admissions Policy for Entry September 2025

Joining Mid-Year

Mid-year applications are any application for a school place made to a year group apart from Reception. All mid-year applications should be made directly to the Academy, using the mid-year application form below:

For applications into existing year groups, a place will be offered when the number of pupils in the relevant year group is below the published admission number for that year group. 

Are you within our priority catchment area?
If you are unsure, please click here and input your address.
Admissions Criteria:

1: Looked After Children and previously looked after children (as defined in the Primary Education in Essex 2024/2025 booklet).

2: Children living in the priority admissions area with a sibling attending the academy

3: Children (natural or adopted) who can prove they have a parent working at the academy

4: Other children living in the priority admissions area

5: Children living outside the priority admissions area with a sibling attending the school

6: Remaining applications


In the event of oversubscription within any of the above criteria, priority will be determined by straight line distance from home to school, those living closest being given the highest priority. Straight line distances are calculated by the LA as described on page 11 of the Primary Education in Essex 2014/2015 booklet.


Exceptional medical circumstances (supported by medical evidence) may override the above (other than criterion 1) if, in the view of the Governing Body, The Flitch Green Academy is the only local school that can meet the child’s needs.



Please see the timetable below for details on the academy’s appeals process.


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